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Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol
Born 1928 Andrew Warhola.

“The Andy Warhol Diaries,” now on Netflix, is based on the artist’s own recorded thoughts about his life and career.Andy Warhol left behind a lot of self portraits.

There was the black-and-white shot from a photo booth strip, from 1963, in which he wore dark black shades and a cool expression. In 1981, he took a Polaroid of himself in drag, with a platinum blond bob and bold red lips. Five years later, he screen-printed his face, with bright red acrylic paint, onto a black background. These and other images of the Pop Art master rank among his best-known works.

Warhol left behind a lot of self portraits, one of his most interesting and telling self portraits wasn’t a portrait at all, in a conventional sense. He regularly dictated his thoughts, fears, feelings and opinions — about art, himself and his world — over the phone to his friend and collaborator Pat Hackett.

In 1989, two years after his death, Hackett published “The Andy Warhol Diaries,” a transcribed, edited and condensed version of their phone calls.

And now, more than three decades later, “The Andy Warhol Diaries” has come to Netflix as a bittersweet documentary series directed by Andrew Rossi. In a video interview, the director pointed out that Warhol had intended for the book to be published after he died.

Andy Warhol’s iconic 1964 Pop Art portrait of Marilyn Monroe went to auction with a record-breaking asking price of roughly $200 million, the artwork—titled Shot Sage Blue Marilyn is poised to become one of the most expensive 20th-century paintings ever sold at auction.

Warhol is considered one of the two (with Picasso) most influential artists of the 20th century.