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Chuck Close

Chuck Close
1940 – 2021

American painter, visual artist and photographer, best known for his significant and intricate grid portraits and large photorealist paintings.

Close is renowned for re-energizing the art of portrait painting from the late 1960s to the present day in a time when photography has been challenging painting’s former dominance in portraiture.

Close rose to fame in 1970s and 1980s spending most of his time portraying his himself and his peers. His first self-portrait came in 1968 and remains one of his most famous pieces ‘Big Self-Portrait’, standing at almost nine feet tall.

The black and white self-portrait characterizing a scruffy-looking Close, with his thick-rimmed glasses, a cigarette between his lips, glaring at the camera with his straggly chest hair creeping in to the image.

It was difficult to tell whether the piece was a painting or a photograph, Close eventually refined his hyper-realistic style to a T.