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Ewa Pandera

Ewa Pandera
Facebook: @panderaart
Instagram: @panderaart

Ewa Pandera’s practice revolves around a visual process using a variety of media to communicate a personal response to the surrounding environment.

Throughout her experimentation with materials and tools as well as contextual exploration, Pandera is attempting to excavate a profound meaning of nature within an anthropological existence.

The Forest
Pandera has produced large-scale drawing and video installations representing the vegetation that existed in this place before humanity and which will take over after humankind disappears.

Her most recent project is an endeavour to re-establish the organic, untouched forests with its all implications that human beings attached to it throughout the centuries.

By use of pencil and rubber in a slow making process Pandera recreates the motion of the greenery that reclaims manmade places. During the development, the forest becomes denser and darker, the vertical lines drawn in pencil reflecting the light in order to suggest the uncanny and uneasy surroundings.

Installation walk through at the Ruskin gallery cambridge.