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Tetyana Yablonska

Tetyana Nilivna Yablonska 1917 – 2005 was a Ukrainian painter.

Her early vital pictures were devoted to the work and life of Ukrainian people.

She moved to general images of nature, delivering a subtlety of plastic and color rhythms.

She studied at the Kiev State Institute of Art (1941), the studio of Fedir Krychevsky. She worked very productively until the very end of her life, reportedly painting her last pastel etude on the very day of her death.

Tetyana Yablonska was a student of Fyodor Krychevsky, and took over the teacher’s virtuoso mastery of painting and the art of composition, and as a teacher brought up a whole galaxy of Ukrainian artists of the first row, including Tiberius Silvashi, Volodymyr Budnikov, Serhiy Odaynyk, Halyna Borodai, Volodymyr Bovkun.